Vancouver gets first-ever public drone show at Dragon Boat Festival |

Racers took to the water for what organizers say is North America’s largest dragon boat festival in Vancouver.

More than 6,000 racers and 250 entries from across North America and Australia are expected to compete over the two-day event, racing a special fleet of 12-metre, 250-kilogram boats for a variety of distances.
The drone show has been in the works for roughly five months and despite the high-tech features, logistically organizers said its quite straight forward.
“Drone light shows are dazzling so it’s a really amazing experience to witness drone light shows … (they) really have this ability to create a sense of awe and wonder,” Jean Michel said, Pixel Sky Animations’ president.
“It’ll lift off and it actually doesn’t turn in space. It’ll just move around kind of like keeping its orientation in one direction.”

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