Switzerland: Three people missing after once-in-30-year rains cause floods and landslides | World News | Sky News

Almost five inches of rain fell in the southeast of the country, causing rivers to burst their banks and leaving villages without power. Roads, fields and villages were covered with rubble, earth and wood.

A rescue operation has been launched to find three people missing after a landslide in Switzerland, caused by the sort of rainfall seen once every 30 years, officials have said.
A woman was pulled out alive after being buried by the landslide in the Alpine valley of Misox in the canton of Graubunden, caused by massive thunderstorms and rainfall in the southeast of the country.
Rescuers searched all through Saturday with excavators and specially trained search dogs after the rockslide hit houses in the municipality of Lostallo.
William Kloter, from the Swiss police, who is heading the rescue, said they are hoping to find the missing trio alive, who could have been in their homes when the flooding hit.

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