How you can beat the ‘Sunday scaries’ | UK News | Sky News

A creeping sense of dread can ruin the sunniest of Sunday evenings. If you’re among the 70% of people who experience the feeling, here’s what you can do to tackle that particular end-of-weekend anxiety.

Suddenly the task it seemed a good idea to abandon on Friday beckons, a groaning inbox awaits and the ambitious list of weekend chores remains incomplete.
The distraction tactics people reported varied by age group, with those aged 18 to 24 most likely to scroll on social media, 25 to 32-year-olds binge watching TV and 33 to 40-year-olds turning to comfort eating.
Workplace wellness specialists Thrive4Life recommend doing your worst chores on Friday night and Saturday morning, so they’re not hanging over you when Sunday rolls around.
Working on a project that requires your full attention either physically or mentally is a good way to distract your mind and stay away from bad habits like turning to alcohol, Mental Health First Aid USA says.

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