How ‘Mindfulness Day’ helps a West Island school deal with stress, anxiety – Montreal |

Students and staff from Margaret Manson Elementary school took part in Mindfulness Day to help reduce stress and anxiety levels among the school population.

“It’s a day where we hit pause on all academics and we focus on being mindful and reducing stress,” said Pamela Rotondo, a special education technician.
To do that, the students take part in a wide range of activities — from yoga and tai chi to pet therapy, sounds bowls, face-painting, balloon-making and even a magic show.
“I think mindfulness is great for kids to express themselves,” said Grade 6 student Tyson Ito. “And if they have any stress they can relieve it by either playing with the dogs or having a show or other stuff that we’re doing like yoga or something.”
The idea was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the special education technicians noticed students were having trouble dealing with their emotions and stress and anxiety levels were high.

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