B.C. transgender teacher files human rights complaint after online hate, doxxing | Globalnews.ca

An art teacher in British Columbia has launched a human rights complaint against an online harasser after becoming the subject of a targeted anti-trans campaign.

“A variety of slurs, accusations, and it’s all (related to the fact) that I’m a teacher,” said Wilson, who teaches art at a high school in the Lower Mainland community.
Back in November, an X account known as Libs of TikTok shared Wilson’s name, picture and place of work to its 3 million followers, an online act known as ‘doxxing.’
“When parents or individuals in our community see a teacher they don’t agree with, they can use the power of social media to target that individual without a lot of regulation or oversight and basically make that person’s life a living hell,” said Jesse Miller, a consultant at Mediated Reality.
“Trans people are targeted directly, and they’re also targeted when organizations (or accounts like) Libs of TikTok get involved and send tsunamis of hate mail,” Barbara Findlay said, a lawyer with Lawyers against Transphobia.

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