ASIRT investigates highway standoff between police, suspect near Carstairs – Calgary |

A traffic stop along the QEII Highway near Carstairs, Alta., led to an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police, then a standoff, but the suspect surrendered peacefully.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is investigating a shooting between police and a suspect north of Calgary that took place just before midnight on Friday.
In a statement, the Calgary Police Service said officers responded to reports of a domestic disturbance in southwest Calgary around 10:45 p.m. June 21.
“The suspect was monitored by the Helicopter Air Watch for Community Safety (HAWCS) as he drove out of the city on Highway 2,” police said in the statement.
In its news release, Alberta RCMP said Calgary police and Mounties from Airdrie, Didsbury, Olds and Sundre set up tire spikes and stopped the suspect’s vehicle near Highway 581, near Carstairs, Alta.

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